Get Rid of Your Turkey Neck with Morpheus8™ Treatment

Dr. Linda I. Sodoma11/23/2023

Are you starting to notice loose, sagging neck skin? Consider the benefits of nonsurgical RF microneedling for smoothing a wrinkled neck.


The Advantages of Laser Skin Resurfacing After Summer

Dr. Linda I. Sodoma10/19/2023

With summer having come to a close, now may be the perfect time to schedule your laser skin resurfacing treatment in Gilbert, AZ. Find out why.


What Are the Advantages of Hormone Therapy for Women?

Dr. Linda I. Sodoma09/29/2023

With bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, many women are able to overcome the unwanted side effects of menopause and more.


How Can the O-Shot® Improve Sexual Function?

Dr. Linda I. Sodoma08/31/2023

Revitalize your intimacy with the O-Shot® at Life Care for Women in Gilbert, AZ.


Common Symptoms of Urinary Incontinence to be Aware of

Dr. Linda I. Sodoma07/08/2023

Find out about the common symptoms of urinary incontinence and learn about noninvasive methods to treat this bladder leakage condition in Gilbert, AZ.


Where on the Body Can I Build Muscle with EMSCULPT NEO®?

Dr. Linda I. Sodoma06/23/2023

Discover the many areas that can be toned and transformed with EMSCULPT NEO body contouring.


How Soon Can Collagen Produce After RF Microneedling Treatment?

Dr. Linda I. Sodoma05/16/2023

Learn about how RF microneedling can stimulate your body’s natural healing processes, leaving you with younger-looking and refreshed skin.


How Can Facials be Healthy for Your Skin?

Dr. Linda I. Sodoma04/18/2023

Improve the overall health of your skin and achieve a glowing complexion with a professional facial.


Give Your Skin the Glow It Deserves with Laser Skin Resurfacing

Dr. Linda I. Sodoma03/11/2023

Achieve smoother, glowing skin by removing textured and blemished tissue with laser skin resurfacing.


When is Hormone Therapy Recommended?

Dr. Linda I. Sodoma02/11/2023

Relieve symptoms of hormone imbalance and improve your overall health with hormone therapy.


Can Rough Textured Skin Become Smooth With Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Dr. Linda I. Sodoma01/09/2023

Rough skin can make you feel self-conscious, but solutions like Opus Plasma may help. Learn about laser skin resurfacing and how treatment works here.


Have You Experienced Painful Intercourse? The O-Shot® May be for You

Dr. Linda I. Sodoma12/22/2022

Painful intercourse may be the result of vaginal dryness, but the O-Shot can help.


How Flat Can My Tummy Get with Body Contouring Treatments?

Dr. Linda I. Sodoma11/12/2022

Does a pudgy, wrinkled, or loose stomach leave you feeling less than happy with your looks? Consider the benefits of nonsurgical body contouring.


October is World Menopause Month

Dr. Linda I. Sodoma10/07/2022

Familiarize yourself with the signs and symptoms of menopause, and find out what menopause treatment and support options you have.


How Can Sun Damaged Skin be Repaired?

Dr. Linda I. Sodoma09/06/2022

Sun damage and fine lines can make your skin appear aged. Learn the benefits of RF microneedling and see how our advanced treatments repair skin.


Can Facials Reduce Large Pores?

Dr. Linda I. Sodoma08/05/2022

Enlarged pores are sometimes caused by blackheads and oily skin. See how regular custom facials enhance your complexion and make you feel refreshed.


What Side Effects can Laser Skin Resurfacing Cause?

Dr. Linda I. Sodoma07/09/2022

Laser skin resurfacing may cause unwanted side effects like redness and swelling. Our team teaches patients how to recover from a laser peel here.


How to Know if Hormone Therapy is Right for You

Dr. Linda I. Sodoma06/10/2022

Take a closer look at what signs and symptoms may mean hormone replacement therapy could be beneficial for you.


Enhance Your Sexual Experience With The O-Shot®

Dr. Linda I. Sodoma05/12/2022

Discover the benefits of the O-Shot for strengthening your orgasms and encouraging a more pleasurable intimate experience overall.

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