The Advantages of Laser Skin Resurfacing After Summer

By: Dr. Linda I. Sodoma


Now that summer has wrapped up and the holidays are right around the corner, many men and women are looking into their options for skin rejuvenation treatments and procedures. This popular time between seasons often allows for more time away from work to recover from certain treatments, in addition to a number of other unique benefits. Discover why now may be the perfect time to think about laser skin rejuvenation in Gilbert, AZ, with this helpful information from physician and aesthetic specialist Dr. Linda I. Sodoma and the experienced team at Life Care for Women.

What does laser skin resurfacing do?

Laser skin resurfacing (or plasma laser skin resurfacing) is among the most popular skin-enhancing solutions today, in part due to its versatility and ability to address a wide variety of skin concerns simultaneously. If you are frustrated by one or more of the following skin flaws, you may benefit from laser skin resurfacing:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Redness
  • Blotchiness
  • Patchy skin
  • Rough skin texture
  • Sun damage
  • Pigmentation problems

What are the benefits of laser skin resurfacing in the fall and winter?

There are several reasons why patients are often encouraged to begin their laser skin resurfacing treatment course in the fall or winter, including:

  • Untanned skin may respond better to treatment
  • Opportunity to address sun damage experienced in the summer months
  • Skin will be more sensitive to sun and heat after treatment
  • Many patients have more time away from work during the holiday months

It is important for patients considering laser skin resurfacing in the fall or other non-summer months to keep in mind that they will still need to protect their skin from the sun after treatment, using sunscreen, hats, and other tools as recommended. However, because people generally tend to spend less time in the sun and heat once the summer months have come to a close, this is a popular time to begin a laser skin resurfacing regimen.

How long will it take my skin to heal after laser skin resurfacing?

At Life Care for Women, we perform laser skin resurfacing using revolutionary Opus Plasma® technology, which is highly advanced and offers minimal downtime compared to some other alternatives. The details of your post-treatment healing will vary based on your skin type, the strength of your treatment, and other factors. On average, patients can typically expect their skin to appear red and irritated for about a week, with the peeling process taking place over about 3 – 5 days. Following your initial consultation for laser peel in Gilbert, AZ, Dr. Sodoma or one of our knowledgeable laser technicians will help you better understand how long your unique healing process may take. With proper aftercare and a healthy lifestyle, the results of your laser skin resurfacing treatment can last for several years, with touch-up treatments helping to keep your complexion looking its best.

Rejuvenate your skin this off-season with Opus Plasma skin resurfacing in Gilbert, AZ

As we wind down the year and prepare for the holidays, there’s no better time to consider skin rejuvenation with laser skin resurfacing. To learn more about laser skin resurfacing in the winter and fall, call Life Care for Women to schedule your consultation with Dr. Linda I Sodoma and our team of aesthetic providers in Gilbert, AZ, today.

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