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What Is A Facial?

A good home skin care routine is important to keep a great complexion, but occasionally, you may want better results with a medical-grade facial. Selected for the concerns and needs of your skin, Dr. Linda Sodoma recommends regular facials for her Mesa, Chandler, and surrounding area Arizona patients to keep their skin clear and healthy. After a thorough consultation to evaluate visible and hidden skin damage, the ideal products and facial techniques will be chosen to help improve your complexion. To further rejuvenate and pamper your skin, upgrade your results by adding a complementary procedure, such as microneedling, microdermabrasion, or dermaplaning. Schedule an appointment to enhance your skin at Life Care for Women.

Facials are an effective technique to help you look and feel more rejuvenated. There are numerous upsides to facials at Life Care For Women, such as:

  • Smoother, more youthful skin
  • Reduction of a variety of skin imperfections
  • Personalized treatment methods
  • Minimal, if any, downtime
  • The ability to be performed alongside complementary services at our Gilbert, AZ practice
  • Aftercare guidelines are provided to help maintain your improvements

What Can I Expect During A Facial?

Following your consultation to select your custom facial treatment plan, you can lie back in one of our private treatment rooms as your professional facial begins. Each facial treatment will be customized; however, most facials will start with a deep cleansing to clear away dirt, oil, makeup, and lotions. After cleaning the skin, steam is often safely used to open clogged pores so blackheads and whiteheads can be extracted easily. Based on your particular needs, we may include one of the following procedures in your facial treatment plan:

  • Microdermabrasion: An exfoliation treatment to remove dead and damaged skin cells for brighter, smoother skin
  • Microneedling: A collagen induction treatment that uses fine needles to make micro-injuries in the skin to prompt collagen and elastin growth to improve your skin's health and appearance
  • Dermaplaning: A careful scraping treatment that uses a facial blade to scrape away dead skin cells and fine facial hair for a glowing complexion

After your facial, a serum or mask may then be massaged in to deeply nourish. To end the treatment, an SPF moisturizer will be applied to protect from sun damage after the facial. After your facial treatment, you may have some irritation and redness; this is normal and will subside on its own in the coming days. Many patients will see clear improvements in the appearance and feel of their skin right after their facial.

Best doctor and best staff. They are always available and incredibly knowledgeable. I always recommend them. Incredibly friendly front desk staff as well!

S.T. Google

Been going to Dr sodoma for many years. Had 3 surgeries with her. She is highly skilled and really listened to me. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

C.L. Yelp

I have to share my happy story with everyone about Dr. Linda Sodoma. I started seeing her October 2022 to discuss my female issues. The moment she walked in the examination room I felt a vibe that I knew right then she was the right doctor for me. She was humble nice and caring, she took the time to listen and answer the questions I asked on every visit, it only got better and better and she always made me comfortable. Fast forward to 12/06/22 to my surgery day. God, know I was scared and most definitely afraid of going under, but once my angel walked in ( Dr. Sodoma ) I knew I was gonna be okay and she reassures me. My mom has always told me growing up there always an angel that watching high and low places, in other words high meaning in heaven where she is now and low meaning on earth meaning Dr. Sodoma. I can’t forget to salute her team in her office because they were fabulous on every visit. Post Op see God will send good people your way when asked and needed and today I needed everything good to come my way to get thur this. Post Op I couldn’t ask for a better nurse. Nurse Tanner at Banner Baybrook in Gilbert he helped out more than he will ever know, he kept me calm when it came to getting my IV started, I had told him my veins were small and that it was always hard for anyone who tried to stick me it would be hard so he went and got the ultra sound machine and bang he got it on the first try, and he answered all my questions so thank you Tanner. Next came the recovery room nurse Charm always made sure I was okay when I would wake up or go back to sleep, everytime my eyes opened she was right there feeding me ice chips until the next time I woke up. Thank you nurse Charm. Last but not least nurse Genny, words can’t express how great she was handing me in my room. I didn’t have to ring for nothing because she was always there like she knew my body also when it was time for me to void along with everything else she was as there, so thank you nurse Genny. God really do answer prayers and today all mine were met. I had to post a review to let everyone know how marvelous Dr. Sodoma and team treated me today like other days. Thanks for everything Dr. Sodoma your patient Dorcas

Q.W. Google

Wonderful experience that brought so much hope to my situation!

C.T. Google

Dr. Sodoma is the best! Terrific Dr plus the entire staff - everyone is always helpful, friendly, and attentive. It’s not just routine care, Dr is interested in your health, catching any issues early, and your quality of life.

M.H. Google


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At Life Care for Women, we understand the benefits of feeling and looking confident in your appearance at all times. Dr. Linda Sodoma has noticed that her patients who have regular facial treatments seem to have healthier and clearer skin. Each facial at Life Care for Women is customized for your needs and may include dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, or even microneedling to help you reach your skin care goals. Contact our Gilbert, AZ office to make an appointment for a professional facial or any of our skin rejuvenating treatments.

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