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Women in Scottsdale, Chandler, and Tempe, AZ who have experienced the side effects of menstrual cramps can empathize with those who have endometriosis. Even more, though, the heavy cramping and constant pain during the menstrual cycle of a woman with endometriosis can become disruptive to everyday life. Endometriosis takes over a woman's uterine lining and creates intense pressure in the pelvic area. Not only that, it creates extra stress on the body by surrounding organs with excess endometrium and can even make it difficult to get pregnant. At Life Care for Women, we offer our patients the opportunity to diagnose and treat endometriosis utilizing minimally invasive techniques.

Dr. Linda Sodoma is a board-certified gynecologist who provides women with a variety of options to help relieve symptoms of endometriosis. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact our office in Gilbert, AZ.

While endometriosis can be managed, it cannot be cured. We can target pain and symptoms through treatment. The most common treatment options include:

Hormone therapy
Hormone therapy includes birth control pills, patches, and vaginal rings that can slow the growth of endometrial tissues by delivering a steady dose of hormones. An IUD can also be used to release hormones into the uterus to decrease the thickness of the tissue that has grown.

Endometrial ablation
Endometrial ablation is performed by utilizing freezing or heating techniques that can eliminate some of the thickness of the endometrial tissues in the uterus. This is a minimally invasive laser technique.

If the above solutions have not provided adequate relief, we may suggest surgery as a last resort. During this surgery, we can make two very tiny incisions in the abdomen where we will insert a light and camera. From there, we can visibly see endometriosis and overflowing uterine tissues, which we can remove.

Dr. Sodoma is the best! Terrific Dr plus the entire staff - everyone is always helpful, friendly, and attentive. It’s not just routine care, Dr is interested in your health, catching any issues early, and your quality of life.

M.H. Google

Dr. Sodoma was my 2nd opinion and now my first choice moving forward. I was disheartened when I first heard of my situation and a patient recommended I see her doctor-Sodoma. My consult with her was 180 degrees from what I was told from the previous doctor. Sodoma took lead on my operation and the other doctors were excited to work with her postop which felt like further validation that I had chosen the right doctor for my care. A 20 year+ situation is now resolved and I have very little scarring. My body is rejuvenated and I can participate in life more fully.

F.O. Google

Dr. Sodoma was so nice, helpful and receptive to my concerns. She explained things well and answered questions without making me feel rushed. The front and back staff was also friendly and engaging and I was taken promptly at my appointment time. Very good experience.

A.J. Google

The whole staff makes you feel comfortable. They are pleasant and always have a smile on their faces.

M.S. Google

Dr. Sodoma is amazing, she listened to my concerns and gave me recommendations to improve my quality of life. I truly appreciate her expertise. Awesome doctor!

B.J. Google


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If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have endometriosis, board-certified gynecologist Dr. Linda Sodoma and her team can help you diagnose and/or create a long-term treatment plan that can allow you to live life with less pain. We offer minimally invasive solutions that can help reduce excess tissue in the uterus caused by this incurable disorder. With medications, lifestyle changes, and surgery if necessary, we can help you take back control of your life. For more information, contact Life Care for Women in Gilbert, AZ.

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What causes endometriosis?

Endometriosis can arise from a number of causes, including genetic factors, abnormal menstruation, excess scar tissue, or lymphatic imbalances. The exact causes of endometriosis are still being uncovered by research; however, uncovering the disorder itself can help your doctor to address symptom relief no matter what the underlying issue may be. While these specific causes vary, Life Care for Women is here to help uncover and treat these results.
What can I expect from treatment?

Treatment surrounding endometriosis is targeted depending on the symptoms and their severity. Treatment may range from non-invasive techniques, including hormone therapy and laser therapy, and in extreme cases, minor surgery may help to alleviate the worst symptoms. Even in the case of surgery, incisions are kept to a minimum to ensure a quick and minimally painful recovery.
What can happen if my endometriosis goes untreated?

If left unaddressed, endometriosis pain can persist and internal scarring can increase. You may also experience discomfort during intercourse, sensations similar to menstrual cramping, and pain during urination. In addition, infertility may be risked by untreated endometriosis. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Sodoma to discuss solutions for your endometriosis pain today.
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