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What Will My Skin Look Like After RF Microneedling Treatment?

By: Dr. Linda I. Sodoma


Any time you’re having an aesthetic treatment done on your face, you may have questions about how your skin will look right after treatment so that you can plan the best time to schedule your appointment around work and other obligations. Not only that, but you’ll probably wonder when your skin will be fully healed and what results you can expect. When it comes to radiofrequency (RF) microneedling — one of today’s most popular and exciting skin rejuvenation treatments — many patients are surprised to learn that the recovery period isn’t typically as extensive as other treatments and procedures.

At Life Care for Women, Dr. Linda I. Sodoma and our dedicated team of aesthetic specialists perform RF microneedling in Gilbert, AZ to help patients achieve clearer, smoother skin they can feel more confident about. Read on to learn more about how you can expect your skin to look after an RF microneedling treatment and when you’ll begin to notice your glowing, radiant new complexion shining through.

What does RF microneedling do?

One of the primary benefits of RF microneedling is its versatility in terms of being able to address and improve a wide variety of common skin irregularities with a single treatment system. At Life Care for Women, we perform RF microneedling using the advanced Morpheus8™ treatment system for exceptional results. Some of the skin concerns that can be reduced with Morpheus8 microneedling treatments include:

  • Dry skin
  • Rough skin texture
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enlarged pores
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Scars and acne scarring
  • Uneven skin
  • Dull skin
  • Early and mild skin laxity

RF microneedling works to refresh and rejuvenate the skin by creating small puncture-like injuries to the skin’s surface while delivering radiofrequency energy to the deeper layers of tissue. This combination of techniques ignites the natural healing and regenerative processes to encourage new, healthy skin cell growth while also stimulating the production of collagen for an even firmer and more youthful-looking outcome.

Is your skin red after RF microneedling?

While each patient’s experience and response to RF microneedling will vary somewhat, most people can expect their skin to appear mildly red, irritated, inflamed, or swollen almost immediately after treatment. These RF microneedling side effects usually dissipate within a few hours or days. However, patients often choose to schedule their treatment at a time when they do not have to return straight to work or other activities, as wearing makeup is discouraged until the tiny micro-injuries have healed. After about 1 – 3 days, the micro-injuries will begin to scab over and flake away.

How soon will my skin look better after RF microneedling?

On average, patients can expect to achieve a noticeable improvement in their complexion about 3 – 4 weeks after an RF microneedling treatment, with optimal results typically associated with a series of 3 – 4 sessions about one month apart. With a full round of RF microneedling, patients can enjoy smoother, brighter, and firmer skin that keeps them looking and feeling more youthful for months or even years to come.

Give your skin the gift of RF microneedling in Gilbert, AZ

If your skin is in need of a glow-up and you’re looking for a convenient treatment with minimal downtime that can still provide stunning results, you may be excited to learn more about RF microneedling. Start your skin rejuvenation journey today by calling Life Care for Women to schedule your RF microneedling session in Gilbert, AZ with our dedicated team, under the direction of Dr. Linda I. Sodoma, and take the first step toward getting the beautiful skin you deserve.

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